Friday, March 18, 2011

A Year to Capture: Haircuts, Cupcakes, and Big Lots

Don't you just love that title?!?! :-)

Wow another week gone by and the weekend is almost here! It's also the beginning of Spring Break for our local schools so everyone is making big plans. We on the other hand will continue on with our lives as usual since we have no school age kids yet and Eric will still be working. I do have plans to make a day trip with the kids next week and hopefully some friends and family will be joining us. The weather has been perfect here the past few days and we are LOVING every minute we spend in the sun.

Last Saturday I made a last minute decision to go get my hair chopped off. I needed something a little easier to style and it will also be cooler for the summer. This isn't the best picture to show off the cut since I just put gel in it and let it air dry, but hopefully you get the idea of how it looks.

Olivia was begging for a cupcake this week so when we went grocery shopping on Tuesday I picked up a few things to make them myself. Olivia and I made them on Wednesday so we could take them to church that evening to share with her preschool class. We had a blast making them together!! I love that she is old enough to bake/cook with now.

And eating them too :-)

See all the lovely green grass in the background. Spring is coming!!

I was a slacker this year when it come to celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I had grand plans to eat lots of green food, but the only green thing we consumed yesterday was chives on our baked potatoes at lunch and lettuce on our sub sandwiches. :-) We did all wear green though and that was enough to keep us from being pinched.

We also went to visit my mom and sibling yesterday. My mom and I attended a ladies bible study and they are walking through the book of Esther. It was a wonderful time in the Word and a welcome time of fellowship for me since I rarely get to attend a bible study.

I have recently become addicted to Big Lots. I know it's crazy but I go there like every week now. Sometimes I don't find anything, but most of the time I walk out with something in my hand. Today the kids stayed with Eric's mom while I went to a dentist appt and did a little shopping. I had a few minutes to spare before I meet Eric for a lunch date so I ran in for a few minutes. I scored in the food isles! I've been wanting some new seasoning for grilling and these looked good and were priced very reasonably. The Annie's mac and cheese was also a great find. The food coloring was just something I needed. I think I have found a new love although TJ Maxx still has them beat. :-)


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Amy said...

Big Lots is AMAZING and I shop their all the time!

Love the cut! I just got mine chopped off today :-) Feels soooo nice!

The kids look sooooooo big! Wow how time flies!!!!