Monday, February 7, 2011

Learning to Stay: A Heart of Gratefulness

The snow has flown and the cold has crept in this past week. Trying to leave my home with little ones is hard during this time of year so we have learned to be content at home. Praising God for my sweet, beautiful babies that bring such joy and laughter. So I continue to count my blessings during this season of “staying” just where He has me…

77. Special times of quiet with my love

78. Babies playing outside on a blustery day

79. A clean, warm home

80. Groceries in the fridge

81. Some alone time while the kids are in bed and Eric is at the gym

82. Seven hours of uninterrupted sleep

83. Waking to my little girls sweet voice

84. Homemade rice crispie treats for breakfast

85. Rain pouring down on the roof

86. Eric coming home for lunch

87. Chocolate cake in the oven

88. Snow falling while the sun is shining

89. Sunshine on a freezing cold day

90. Morning flurries

91. Little ones reading books on a cold day

92. Clean laundry folded and put away in drawers

93. The free gift of eternal life…Romans 6:23

94. Time for cuddling with my wonderful husband

95. A little girl who loves to splash in puddles of water

96. The smell of pumpkin bread baking

97. Chili simmering on the stove

98. House sitting for Eric parents

99. A wonderful husband who braved the snow to get me coffee

100. Slow, lazy Saturdays

101. A family dinner out

102. Praise music floating through the house on Sunday mornings

103. Sweet little voices singing praise to the Almighty

104. A wonderful evening spent with friends

105. Waking to the sight of another winter wonderland

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Mama Bird said...

I loved your whole list but #103 was my very favorite! :)