Friday, February 4, 2011

A Year to Capture: January 29- February 4

January 29

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day here in the south with 70 degree temps!!
We spent most of the day at the park and in our backyard.

I was also able to sneak out for a bit during the kids nap and visit a local antique mall. I bought a set of white dinner plates (something I have been looking for) and then stopped by Sonic for Happy Hour!!

 Noah was really wanting some of mommy's Diet Coke. :-)

January 30

We went to church, had lunch with Eric's parents, then went home for the afternoon. Noah was still recovering from his recent sickness and was to fussy to go back to church that evening. We ordered a pizza and watched a family movie together!

Olivia enjoying her pizza :-)

January 31
No picture. We had a very busy day! I cleaned house that morning, look Eric lunch, caught up on the weekend laundry, went grocery shopping, then made supper.

February 1

 It was a cold, rainy day so we spent the day at home.

Olivia wanted to wear her "Spongebob" shirt that day. She watches very little of that show so I thought it was so funny that she called it that.

February 2

We got up early and went to storytime at the library then meet Eric for lunch at McDonalds.

Olivia LOVES to watch Elmo videos on my phone. :-)

February 3

We went to visit my mom that morning, came home for naps, then went to Eric's parents for dinner last night.

I was chopping a salad to take and the kids "helped" me wash dishes.

February 4

Another cold, snowy day at home. My mom and siblings stopped by for lunch then Eric came home for a bit.

They were watching the snow fall outside and enjoying a little daddy time!!

Hope you are enjoying all this winter weather!!
Have a great weekend!!

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