Friday, February 11, 2011

A Year to Capture: February 5-11

So I will just start right off by confess that I didn't take one picture this week till today!! :-D

Shocking I know. My only excuse is that we have been staying with my in-law's for a few days and I forgot my camera. We received several inches of snow on Wednesday and Eric stayed home on Thursday to play with the kids. Olivia lasted 30 minutes in the snow then she had a MAJOR meltdown over her cold hands. We had been sledding with a sled and the four-wheeler and I think all the snow spraying her in the face was the last straw. I did capture a lot of our snow fun on our video camera and maybe I can figure out how to upload it onto this blog soon.

I'm not going to post pics with the dates today so just enjoy a little glimpse into our everday life here at home. :-)


Olivia riding her "horsey"

 Noah showing off his chair climbing skills!!

Oh yeah!! He is good.

Caught ya!!

She has a new found love for baby carrots. This momma is happy!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!
Keep warm...

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