Monday, February 21, 2011

Catching Up: A Heart of Gratefulness

The gifts continue to pour in each and everyday and every time I pick up the the pen to remember them I am reminded of His great love. God is great and God is so good!!


A stop at daddy's office to visit
Eating lunch with great-grandma
Lots of family to visit nearby
Slipping and sliding on ice covered roads
A warm fireplace to cuddle by at my in-law's
My little ones joy over spending a few days with grandparents
Measuring six inches of snow in our area
Homemade rolls and cookies baking
Beautiful sunshine making the snow sparkle
Eric taking a day off work to play in the snow
Fun times with four-wheelers and sleds
Going inside to warm up
Lunch with friends
A warm bowl of chili
Picking out birthday gifts for my sister
A phone call to wish her a Happy 7th Birthday
Cuddling with Olivia while Noah sleeps
A day spent our after snowed in for three
Birthday parties
Lacey's excitement over princess sheets
Little girls running around in pajamas
All of us cuddling in bed on Saturday morning
Finishing a few home projects
Beautiful, warm weather
A wonderful Valentines present from Eric
A sickness that left as fast as it came
Long walks outside everyday
A great husband to comes to my rescue :-)
Lovely pictures that inspire me to bake
A fun park near our house
A sweet little girl who loves to bake with mommy
Wonderful children's books found cheap at our local thrift store
Meeting Eric for lunch
A date night out with my love
Family who offered to babysit
New spring clothing for everyone
A day spent shopping and talking with a dear friend...
...and my dear husband who watched the babies while I was away
A little girl begging to go bounce on her new trampoline
A delicious chocolate cake still warm from the oven

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