Friday, February 18, 2011

A Year to Capture: February 12-18

It seems strange to have not blogged in almost a week. After the first of the year I made up a blogging schedule for myself and I thought I had a pretty smooth system going. Well this week was the exception. Between sickness (stomach bug), kiddos who refused to nap, lots of time spent outside in the beautiful weather, and a little girl who needed a lot of attention and discipline this week, I just never made time to blog. We have really enjoyed our week and LIVING life is what counts, right, Otherwise I wouldn't have anything to blog about.

I'm sure you will find this hard to believe, but I forgot to photograph any of our Valentine's Day fun. I did take a few pictures with my Blackberry. We kept things simple this year. I made heart shaped PB&J's for lunch and we baked heart shaped sugar cookies with pink icing. Eric gave me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure and I bought him a card. :-) We hadn't planned to exchange gifts, but the stinker bought one anyway and that is why I love him so much!! We are also going out on a date tomorrow night. We like to avoid the Valentine day/weekend crowds and pick a later date. The plan is to drop the kids off at Eric's sisters, go out to eat, then stop by Sam's to pick-up at trampoline for the kids (their gift) and replace Eric's lost wedding band (his gift).
So romantic!! :-)

February 12

Noah and Eric snuggling on Saturday afternoon

February 13

Don't you just love her cheesy grin :-)

Sunday morning breakfast

February 14

Both Eric and the kids LOVE spaghetti so that was our special Valentine's meal.
I came down with the bug that evening so I didn't get to enjoy the meal that much.

February 15

Noah's afternoon nap was short and he thought he would get into a little mischief while I was resting on the couch. The cool whip was in the trash can and he dug it out for a little afternoon snack :-)

February 16

Noah would take a bite of banana then brush his teeth for a while before repeating the process. Dental hygiene is very important to our kids :-)

February 17

We stopped by the local Goodwill took look around and scored in the children's book section!!

February 18

Today we ran to the doctors office for the second half of Noah's flu shot (they break it in half for little ones), went to visit my mom and siblings, ran to Wally World for some laundry detergent and Magic Erasers (lifesavers in our toddler infested house), then meet Eric to eat and play at Chick-Fil-A.

The humidity got to her hair today :-)

Be back soon...

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