Friday, January 28, 2011

A Year to Capture: January 22-28

Poor little Noah has been very sick this week so my picture taking has been limited. I took him to the doctor yesterday and he has a throat infection. His fever has been very high since Tuesday night, but it broke last night and has been lower today. Still praying that his little body will heal soon.

Hope you enjoy a glimpse at our week!!

January 22

Teeth brushing time!!

January 23

No pictures. We went to church then ate dinner with Eric's family and some friends.

January 24

I babysat Olivia's friend Levi for the day and they enjoyed a little art time together.

January 25
No pictures. I took a meal to a friend, did a little shopping, then spent the evening at home. Noah started getting sick that night.

January 26

Baking cookies with mommy

Noah washed the dishes :-) 
He was very sick but still wanted to help and play.

We have been having some warmer weather so we played and colored outside that afternoon.

January 27
No pictures. We went to the doctor then took a little road trip with Eric that afternoon. We were getting cabin fever so it was a nice to get out for a bit. 

January 28

Juice and cartoons this morning. Olivia and I also went to our Play and Pray group this morning while my grandmother watched Noah. Thanks Mamaw!!

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