Monday, January 31, 2011

Slowing Down: A Heart of Gratefulness

It seems like the blessing have been overflowing this week and then I realize that they are nothing new only recognized. Sickness invaded last week and I found myself thankful for the time to slow and just linger in the moment. Praising my Father for more blessed gifts…

33. Olivia’s joy over spending the day with her friend.

34. Noah licking a spatula while I made a pie

35. Music playing softly through the house

36. Twelve people laughing around a table together

37. Little girls who empty off entire bookcase to the floor

38. Taking a meal to a friend who just gave birth

39. The beauty of a newborn baby…

43. A sick little boy cuddled up in my arms

44. A cool cloth on a feverish brow

45. Baby Motrin

46. Baking cookies with my little girl

47. Two dozen warm cookies

48. Pulling a little red wagon around the neighborhood…

60. Messy, spaghetti loving kids

61. Bath time

62. Fever breaking in the night

63. A grandmother who came to watch Noah for me

64. A time of prayer and encouragement with friends

65. A smile on Noah’s face

66. Skin cool to the touch

67. Eric cooking breakfast

68. Sunlight streaming through the windows

69. Scripture flowing through the house

70. Seventy-five degree weather in January…

75. Bread broken as a symbol of His broken body

76. Juice in the cup to remind me of His saving, grace-giving blood…

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

You have such cute little sweeties! How good to count your blessings even in the midst of sickness - a reminder that *I* need.