Thursday, January 6, 2011

Loving on My Home in 2011

As many of you know, we bought and moved into a new home this past November. Eric and I have been renters since our marriage began 3 years ago so this was new territory for us. It was exciting and nerve racking at the same time. It was a huge step to make such a large purchase, but I loved the thought of owning my own home. We needed something a little larger than our rental, but still modest in size and price. We looked for over a year before this home came on the market and caught our attention.

Now that we are settled and the New Year is here, my mind is whirling with ideas to decorate and update. Our house was built in the 60’s and the previous owners already did a few renovations. I want to make this home my own and leave my only personal touches all throughout. And although I’m not the most creative person, I have a few ideas in my mind of what I want it all to look like. So this year we are will be the year of improvement. On our home that is… :-)

Here are just a few things we hope to accomplish:

• Renovate the main hall bathroom. If the full remodel doesn’t happen this year, I hope to at least paint and add a few accessories.

• Decorate the kids rooms and purchase bedding for them both

• Put new closet doors on in every bedroom

• Change the lighting fixture in our dining room.

• Frame and hang family photos throughout the house.

• Finish some touch up painting on doors and trim.

• Shop second-hand and yard sales for cute things that add character.

• Find a new piece of furniture for our computer area.

• Find and organize an area/closet for craft and school supplies

• Purchase a new lamp for my living room. (one was recently broken)

• Refinish or paint a chest we bought for our master bedroom (it was found at an antique store and needs a little TLC)

• Finish painting the laundry room

• Renovate our master half-bath

• Create a mail/keys/schedule center by our side door entrance.

• Work on the landscaping

• A few more outdoor items that Eric and I still need to decided on and add to our budget (patio, storage shed, swing set/play area)

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