Monday, January 3, 2011

A Year to Commit

Happy 2011 Everyone!! It is so hard to believe that a new year is already here. Even though I love knowing a new year means I have a fresh start to accomplish all my goal, it still makes me a little sad to know my babies are another year older. I have so much I want to teach them and instill in their little hearts and yet the passing of time seems to steal those moments away. Or maybe it is the fast paced lifestyle that we live in these days. One of the goals that Eric and I have discussed for our family this year is slowing down. The past few months have been so hectic that it made us realize how much we are away from our home. We have committed to having Family Worship everyday in our home and for that to happen we need stay at home more. We live very close to most of our family and so we are at someone’s house eating or visiting several nights a week. I know that a lot of my family reads this blog so please understand that I’m not implying that we are never coming over again. :-) We love that our children are growing up so close to their grandparents. It is very important to us that they continue to develop wonderful relationships with all their family. But sometimes we have to let go of some “good” things so that we can do the “greater” things. The truth is that time together as a family and Family Worship is the greater thing and we have to let a few things go. It’s all about having your priorities in order and remember to put Christ at the center of your home life. So as we start off our new year we are going to commit to simplifying our schedule.

Commit is the word we have chosen for our family this year.

Commit to personal quiet time with the Lord.

Commit to have Family Worship everyday.

Commit to memorizing more scripture as a family.

Commit to live a life of prayer.

Commit to serving others more.

Commit to sharing the gospel.

Commit to living a more disciplined life.

Commit to sticking to a budget.

Commit to opening our home for hospitality.

Commit to living a healthy lifestyle.

So as we surrender these areas of our lives to Christ this year, we are praying that He does a great work in the heart of our home.


Christina Anderson said...

I love this post and how you guys picked a "word" for the year! What a great idea!!!

Lauren said...

Thanks Christina!! We decided to have a "theme word" for our family/year after I read this post at Women Living Well Blog.