Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our New Place: The Big Reveal

Hello Everybody!! I think this many post in one week is a new record for me. I know several of you have been waiting for these pictures so I hope you enjoy this little tour of our new home. Noah was napping while I snapped these pics so I forgot his room. Since we only had two bedrooms in the other house his room is still a work in progress. Once I get it decorated, I'll have a "Noah's New Room" post. Really all of the rooms still need some TLC, so be looking for "makeover/remodeling" post over the next few months.

The Master Bedroom
Plans: I have a chest that I'm refinishing that will go on the wall between the bathroom and door, change out the throw pillows on the bed, and add a few pictures to the left wall.

Looking into the Master Half-Bath
(If we stay in this house for very long we have plans to knock out a wall and expand the Master suite.)
Olivia's Room

Plans: New bedding, replace lamp shade that was broken, and add a set of table and chairs.

Laundry Room
Plans: Finish painting and organize shelf

Left side: Noah's room and Olivia's room
Right side: Furnace closet, hall bathroom, linen closet, laundry room, and master bedroom. The center door is another closet.

Hall/Main Bathroom

Plans: A complete remodel with tile removed and new cabinets and countertop/sink. I want to either replace the tile or add a bead board around the room and change the paint color to a blue/gray.

Dining Room
Plans: Remove off-center light-fixture and add hanging track lights, put in a vent free gas fireplace under the mirror, and add a black hutch.

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook
Plans: No changes yet. :-)

Carport entry

Living Room
Plans: New front entry door w/decorative glass center (it is ordered and coming in soon),

add three pictures over the TV, and put my glider chair in the corner after Christmas.

We are also painting all the trim and baseboards, putting up new closet doors, and replacing the air vents through the house.

Noah wanted in on the picture taking and I can't let you go away without seeing just a little bit of this cute little stinker!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!! I can't wait to get started on the home renovations. Eric and I will be calling it "Weekend Warriors: On a Budget."


Sarah Lucheck said...

Your house is beautiful, but I am in love with that kitchen!

LB said...

Love it!!! I know you are so excited to be in!!

Christina Anderson said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm so excited for you guys! I have had the same bedspread on my bed up until just a couple of months ago, very similar lamp shades and lamps on my nightstand as well! I think we might be ale to decorate together! :)

Lauren said...

Sarah- Thanks!! I love the kitchen too!!

Laura Beth- We are very excited to be all moved in and settled. I'm just going to slow down and enjoy the holiday's before I start any projects.

Christina- I've seen a few pics of your house and I love your decor!! I hope to get to Target soon for some new throw pillows for my bed. I think I'm going to take some pics of me and Eric for the empty wall on the left. We have the kids in the frames above the nightstands.

Eric said...

Actually, I will be calling it "Work I try to find ways to get out of" :)

Amy said...

Totally love the wall colors!!! It looks so open and spacious, I know you guys are stoked! Is Olivia in a big girl bed? You go! Lula Mae isn't even close.... if you tell me she is potty trained to I may cry! LOL I can't wait to get to work on our new house! I think I will be using your wall color!!!