Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here!!

I wanted to share with you a few of our Christmas activities that we have been enjoying as a family. Along with our family worship we are reading advent stories and singing Christmas songs with the kids. Olivia still doesn't understand it all, but she does know that presents mean birthday time. I have taken advantage of this and told her that we are celebrating Jesus birthday. I'm not sure she really gets it all, but maybe a seed planted will grow in her little heart and mind.

We went looking at Christmas lights last night and I really enjoyed the chance to just be together as a family. I had bathed the kids and put them in the pajamas before we left. Noah fell asleep and missed most of the excitement, but I think Olivia enjoyed it (or maybe it was the frozen yogurt she loved) :-)

We have also attended 2 Christmas parties!!

Last weekend we went to our town's annual Christmas parade. It was VERY COLD and the kids were so layered up that they were having trouble walking. :-) We had lots of fun and came home with pockets full of candy!!

She was so excited!!

What is taking so long??

These two are becoming best buddies :-)
They are both so handsome!!
Me and my love!!

I think the wind was blowing when daddy took this picture.

He loved the whole experience and sat perfectly still during the long parade.

She got a even more excited when the horses came at the end :-)

 I have plans to do some Christmas cookie baking and candy making with the kids this weekend. Hopefully I will get those posted before our CRAZY week starts. We have a party every night starting next Tuesday through Christmas. Pray for me!! :-)

Hope you are all having a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TIME!!!

PS. Noah's 1st Birthday is Thursday and we are having a big birthday bash that evening. It makes me a little sad when I realize my baby is almost 1. Time flies by so quickly....

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