Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guess Who Is Turning 1 Today?!?!

My sweet little man is turning one today!!

Our family was so blessed to welcome Noah Silas into the world this time. And just like his older sister, he gave us a bit of a fright right after his birth. I had a uneventful labor and delivery with Noah and was able to have him naturally with no pain meds of any kind. He was a healthy baby boy, weighing in at 8lbs 10oz. We brought him home a week before Christmas and were very excited that he was here to help us celebrate with family and friends. On Christmas Eve we bundled up our little crew to head to Eric’s grandparents for a Christmas get-together. Noah had come down with a mild cold the day before, but other than that he seemed fine. While we were there he became very lethargic, would not eat, and started running a high fever. Within 30 minutes he was having trouble breathing. We immediately drove to the ER. They took one look at him and started breathing treatments and told us that after test he would be admitted to the hospital. He was diagnosed with RSV and we spent 5 days with him in the hospital hooked to a heart/oxygen monitor and doing breathing treatments around the clock. He finally started improving on the 5th day and they sent us home with lots of meds and a breathing treatment machine. It took the little guy and few months to completely recover and we praise God that he didn’t develop any lasting health issues.

Noah is a very happy baby (when he isn’t teething) and has made our home a wonderful place! Olivia adores him and when he is asleep or away from her she is constantly looking for him or calling his name. He is affectionately called “bubbe” in our home and we all love him so much. I praise God every day for giving us such a sweet baby boy. My prayer for Noah is that he will know Jesus at an early age and live a life pleasing to his Savoir. That he will learn to be obedient and to put others before himself. And that he will be a strong leader in his home one day and hopefully raise up a godly family.

Happy Birthday Noah Silas!!

We Love You Little Man!!

Daddy, Mommy, and Olivia

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Amy said...

Happy birthday Noah! I can't believe he is a year old already! WOW!!! Isn't he a hunk! Praising God with you on your sons first year. I will pray for him this evening for a wonderful second year of life!

The love between siblings is something you can't explain. Lula Mae is so in love with her baby brother too. So in love! I hope this year Noah stays very healthy and strong! What a scary thing to go through last year! Yikes!