Saturday, December 4, 2010

Does Anyone Remember Me???

I'm back!! I know several of you have been waiting to see pictures of the new house and so I thought I would give you a glimpse. Well at least a look at the mess that still surrounds me. Sorry about the quality but my blackberry has been more accessible than my Canon. I am happy to say that these are the only remaining boxes and after tomorrow they will disappear. At least that's the plan, right Eric!! :-)

This little dude is all smiles. Mommy still has him fooled that smiling at the camera is what your suppose to do. He has adjusted well to the new house and HIS OWN ROOM!! He has slept at least 8 hours straight most nights this week. Although he still comes to bed with me when he gets up because I have been...gulp...sleeping in a lot this week. After the move, a crazy busy week, and Thanksgiving festivies, I felt the need to slow down. I will most likely keep this routine till after the holidays are over. All I can say is thank goodness for coffee and Diet Coke!! 

On the other hand this little stinker has become the wiser and refused to even look at the camera. She is enjoying the new house too and the extra room to make bigger messes. :-)

I actually took this pictures Tuesday when I finally finished decorating the tree. Since then I have added a few more ornaments...

and lost a few. Yes, he broke 3 the first day before I decided to move the glass ones to the top and buy more that are plastic. And for those of you who are thinking "Isn't this her 2nd child. She should have known better." Olivia was not that interested in the tree and never broke one ornament. She just stole all the candy canes off and hid behind the couch to eat them all. Smart girl! :-)

Our Christmas activies began tonight with our annual company Christmas party. We (as in the Delk owners/family) cater a fish fry for the employes. Who Dat's Cajun Restaurant provided the meal and let me just say that if you are ever in the north central Arkansas area you just eat at this place. I ate WAY to much and even splurged on the biggest piece of chocolate pie ever!! I also brought home a piece of red velvet cheesecake. I probably won't be able to button my pants tomorrow, but it was worth every last bite.

I would also like to share with you some very important information. SEC FOOTBALL IS THE BOMB!!!  Eric and I went to the Arkansas vs. LSU game Saturday and cheered on our Hogs to a fabulous victory!! We got the BOOT and are now #7 in the
nation!! I think we had a pretty darn good season considering we only lost to the former National Champions (Alabama) and the #1 team in the nation this season (Auburn). And for any of you  are War Eagle fans out there, let me just let you know that I will be cheering you on for the SEC title tomorrow because my hubby informed me that it make Arkansas look better in the polls. :-)

We have a fun day planned for tomorrow with lots more Christmas decorating, a little shopping, football, and even a PARADE!!

WARNING!!! Beware of all the pictures coming your way soon!!

Goodnight Everyone!!

PS. I turned the comment section back on.

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