Monday, November 8, 2010

Learning To Manage My Time Better

Here is a list of what I will call

My Priorities: Things Necessary for a Healthy Lifestyle

1. My Quiet Time: At least 30 minutes everyday spent reading my Bible, journaling, working on a Bible study, and scripture memorization.

 2. My Relationship with Eric: One on one time everyday, a date once a week (in or out), and a date night out once a month.

 3. My Relationship with My Children: One on one time with each child everyday, including them in whatever I’m doing around the house, and as they get older, having a date/outing with them individually on occasion.

 4. My Relationship with Extended Family, Church Family, and Others: Spending quality time with both mine and Eric’s family, having dinner together, nurturing my children’s relationship with their grandparents, being hospitable to our church family and neighbors in our community.

 5. My Home: Keeping my home clean, organized and clutter free, making my home a haven (a place where my family and others feel welcome and comfortable), making my home beautiful with simple décor, and keeping things functional for my family.

 6. Family Devotions: Bible reading, scripture memorization, catechisms, and music/worship.

 7. Giving: To our local church, our Compassion child, and to two other ministries that Eric and I choose individually.

 8. Homeschooling: This is more of a future priority since both of our children are young. My goal for this year is to work with Olivia 2-3 days a week for 30-45 minutes on basic preschool concepts.

 9. Budgeting: Being as frugal as possible and keeping up with our finances on a monthly basis.

10. Reading: At least one book a month for myself, reading to the kids everyday, and reading together as a family.

 11. Activities: Play dates, Story time at the local library, days spent with grandparents, etc. I think a few extra-curricular activities for my kids is something I want to do over the next few years. When they reach school age and we have to spend more time on that each day, I will reconsider how much time we spend out of the house.

12. Physical Fitness: This is probably one thing I struggle with the most. I do not have a weight issue at all, but I know that having an exercise routine will help me have more energy and keep me healthy.

 I hope you all understand that these are priorities I plan to work on in my life. I'm sure each of your would look different. I have not perfected them and never will I'm sure. Life has a way of messing up your plans sometimes. I do consider each of them as very important to me and with God's grace I hope to live them out as best I can.

Tomorrow I plan to post things that I enjoy doing, but don’t necessarily have the time for at this season of my life. I also want to address a few things that I see as a waste of my time.