Sunday, November 7, 2010

That's Life

We have been enjoying time with family this weekend. Eric's brother had his first baby last week so Jacob, Rene, and baby Collin came down for the week. Collin is adorable and I can't believe that I haven't got a picture of him yet. Hopefully I will get a few before they head home Wednesday. Our family has been blessed with little ones and it is so wonderful to have another one added to the bunch :-)

We are also very excited to soon be new homeowners. We close and take possesion of the house Wednesday!! I'm hoping to be settled in before the holidays. That means we have several busy weeks ahead of us, but I'm hoping things don't get to crazy. I'm also thinking that this move should help me clean out all the clutter we have collected over the past three years. I will defiantly be having a yard sale sometime soon. Thinking about the new house has also got me in the decorating mood. I've been looking at tons of websites and magazines and I'm not sure I will ever figure out what style I prefer. I like the sleek modern look of Ikea, but I think my favorite is more of a traditional country feel. I'm sure I will try different things as we go along.

Its getting late and tomorrow is monday so I better get to bed. I plan to be back tomorrow with a detailed look at how I'm trying to plan my time wisely. Goodnight!