Monday, August 9, 2010

Thinking about homemaking..

My thoughts are on the managment of my home today so bear with me if I ramble a bit.

1. Laundry is not my favorite thing to do, yet it is the one chore I do most often. If it would only hang/fold/ put it's self away I wouldn't mind it so much. I try not to complain to much. I have been blessed with a wonderful laundry room in our little home. I will continue to pray for a grateful spirit in this area of my life, but I already have plans to train Olivia on the art of clothes washing very early on. Like right after she is potty trained. :-)

2. I get nervous at the grocery store. I just can't seem to walk out of the store without spending more than I had planned. I shop weekly so maybe I should try bi-weekly and see if staying out of the store saves me money. Having two kids in diapers doesn't help either. We have seriously considered switching to cloth diapers. I have several friends who are cloth diapering and I may just try it some day soon. Any ideas on how you save money at the grocery store??

3. I have really been trying hard to limit my time on the computer. I love to find encouragement my reading other "SAHM" blogs. But it can become an idol so I try to limit it more and more. I want to bless my own home instead of always reading what others have done.

We are going to have dinner with some friend this evening so I need to get off of here and prepare for that. Be back soon...


LB said...

Lauren--I always get nervous at the grocery store as well. Especially as I watch the numbers add up at the check out or when my cart seems really full. As for saving money, do you already coupon and follow sales? That's all I know to do other than what you already do--menu plan, I mean.

Amy said...

I shop bi-weekly and it helps my budget. I tried the weekly things last month and spent more than usual. I do better just staying out of the stores!

I use cloth diapers with Jayce 5 days a week (except during naps and night time). It helps A LOT! I can use just one small pack of diapers for about two and a half weeks. On days I use cloth diapers I only use 4 disposables. I LOVE IT! I have 3 covers and 12 inserts. It is plenty to make it through a day. Give it a try! Plus, not sure if you buy generic diapers, but they work better than the name brand ones on Lula Mae. Wal-marts are only $14.00 a box. We only use 2 a month. It helps too.

Proud of you for limiting you time. Our Pastor just did a series on idols. You are right, it can become one. Very quickly. Although I have to say, I use my blog to share my walk with God. Plus, blogging is my release. I still do my daily Bible reading, but I so enjoy blogging! You are very strong!

Hubby said...

I just want to say that there is no "we" in the considering the cloth diapers :)....gross....but if you want to do that I will support you 100% (well maybe 99 but thats close enough for gross stuff).

Lauren said...

I do menu plan and shop sales. The stores in my area are not the best for playing the coupon game so I really just buy generic and use coupons on a few items. We are looking at buying a house that is actually closer to a BIG Krogers so I'm excited about that. :-)