Friday, August 13, 2010

Life in the Slow Lane.

The weekend is here!!!! We LOVE the weekends because that means daddy/hubby is home. Thankfully, our lives have slowed down quite a bit and we have been able to just enjoy lots of quality time together. The only “events” we have going is an ordination service at our church on Sunday along with a baby shower for my SIL. One busy day is enough for me.

This week has been pretty calm and uneventful around here. Because the weather has been a little on the HOT side we have stayed indoors and done a little deep cleaning and re-arranging. I think moving furniture around is just one of those weird quirks of a homemaker. When you are at home all the time it helps to change things up a bit at times. I really try to keep the clutter down and simplify as often as I can so that our home is peaceful and in order for my family. Lindsey at Passionate Homemaking had a great post about that today. You can read it here. She has several great posts on simplifying in her archives too.

Noah is officially crawling and pulling up now. He is all over the place and has already found the TV cabinet. Both of our children have had a fascination with the sound system/DVD player so we have had several episodes of BLARING music and crying babies this week. We are now looking for a cabinet with doors. :-)
Well we are hoping to go on a family vacation sometime is September and have been pricing hotels and such for the trip. We have been looking at Destin, but are not sure we want to spend that much on a vacation. We are trying to save for a house and that would mean taking quite a bit out of our savings. Anyone have any ideas for a frugal vacation?? We are really just excited to have Eric all to ourselves for a whole week!!

Tonight is pizza night and we have decided to order out instead of our usual homemade. So I get a break from cooking tonight and I also need to do little shopping for the baby shower. It’s such a torturous thing to shop you know. :-) Tomorrow we have plans to mow the yard and just hang out. Don’t you wish your life was as exciting as ours?!?! :-) Happy weekend everyone!!


Amy said...

I love to rearrange too! It does help make things seem new and exciting! Plus, Lula Mae plays better if we change things up every now and then. I declutter about once a month. I am a bit obsessed with going though things! I hope you can find a new cabinet at a great price! Happy weekend! We love having Daddy home too ;-)

LB said...

Lauren, for the vacation try looking on (vacation rentals by owner), and look in the South Walton area. That is a/b 30 minutes from Destin (less depending on where you stay), and you can find really good deals there. Scott and I booked our honeymoon house and anniversary condo using that sight. Anyway...just a suggestion, hope it helps.
And, I too love weekends when the husband/dad is home!! It makes such a difference!!