Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just a stop to say hello...

Happy Tuesday everyone!! We have been living life and chasing kiddos, which keeps us rather busy these days. Today I just wanted to stop for a little while and write down all the things we have been doing.

Some friends of ours had their first baby this past week and we were able to visit with them and see her Saturday. I cooked supper for them and we visited and cuddled their beautiful baby girl!!

I’m so thankful that most of our extended family lives near by and we are able to visit them and be apart of their lives on a regular bases. We visit our parents several times a week and enjoy meals together quite often. This past week I also traveled with my grandma to visit some family in a near by town. We made a day of it and had lunch at a cute little place in their downtown area.

On Friday, I took my sister and the kids to visit my SIL and her bunch. We visited, took the kids to Chucky Cheese for lunch, and let them swim that afternoon. The heat is a little unbearable this time of year so we were trying to find ways to avoid the outdoors.

The kids great-grandmother will be keeping them for the morning on Thursday so I have plans to shop. We are having our annual consignment sale this week and I need to get started on the kids fall/winter wardrobe. I’m going to sit down this evening or tomorrow and make out a list of what they will need. Since we have birthday’s and Christmas coming up I plan to keep it simple.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!!

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