Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Family in May: Summer Begins....

May was busy around here and we have been enjoying the warmer weather a lot! Our weekends have been full this month starting with a family reunion, family photos, Memorial Day, and a rode trip to attend a 50th wedding anniversary and visit with Eric's great-grandmother. We have enjoyed the time together as a family and we are looking forward to a summer full of fun activities!! We have had a blast this past week swimming since both sets of grandparents have their pools open now. At home we have been enjoying the sprinkler and an old wash tub :-) Yes we plan to break down and buy her a pool soon...

Joy on the face of my little girl and she runs through water is something I will cherish forever. I remember the days when I longed for summer to finally arrive and when it finally did I jumped in at full speed ( the pool that is). The seasons seem to pass by faster and with less anticipation these days. That is until I see Olivia’s smile and hear her laugh and I remember that JOY in life is found in the small things and that in order to have it you have to choose to the joyful. Life is hard sometimes and being happy about every aspect of my life can be difficult. However, it is during these hard times that I need to remember that God is growing me to be more like his Son and that alone should make me leap for joy.

This little dude is already beginning to eat me out of house and home. He is 5 ½ months now and we just started to introduce table/baby food this week. He loves it all and polished off 3 jars of vegetables the first day. He is sitting up better and better each day and rolls all over the place now. We call him our little comedian because he LOVES to laugh and make others laugh. He is such a happy baby and will crack a smile at anyone who looks at him!! (stranger or not) 

June should be a slower month for us and I hope to be back with a weekly family post and lots of pictures!!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!

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