Thursday, May 27, 2010

Noah Silas: 5 months

The past 5 months with this little guy have gone by so quickly that it kind of makes me sad. He is a little slower in his milestones than Olivia’s was, but I tend to think that is just the way it is with boys verses girls. He is rolling over quite well now and is just starting to sit up with the assistance of the Bumbo or Boppi. I think he is going to be an early talker though…he babbles all the time and he can already say “dada”!!! He is a very happy baby and laughs all the time.

I have been slower in introducing food to him (since he seemed to be so content with nursing), but we started about a week ago and he loves it all. I plan to keep baby food on hand, but feed him mostly table food. He also loves the fruit flavored Gerber Graduate puffs. Cereal is not a favorite yet, but we are still trying it each day.

We are so blessed to call him ours and I can’t imagine a day without him in our life. I find myself feeling less and less qualified to be a “good” parent for my children and then I must remind myself that it is not my strength that gets me through each day, but Christ working through me. Only by his grace and prayer will I be able to raise these blessings. So my prayer for Noah is that he grows up to be a strong, godly man like his father and that his desire in life is to be like Christ in every way.

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