Monday, March 15, 2010

Staying Organized

Monday is here again and with it comes the many task that must be accomplished this week. Our house is small compared to others but keeping it clean is still quite a job. I love my home and everything that goes with being a homemaker, but sometimes these tasks can become overwhelming.

Why is it that when spring arrives you expect some grand cleaning to be done in a small amount of time? I guess the thought that having it accomplished ones or twice a year would give someone the endurance. During this season of my life, with two little children, this is a huge task. I want to be an industries manager of my home, but I also want to enjoy these precious years with my babies. For me I find that scheduling cleaning into my daily life works best. I still get to spend quality time with my children and clean those little hidden areas that rarely see the light of day. So every afternoon this week (during nap-time) I have an “extra” chore or two that I will try to accomplish.

Monday~ Clean stove

Tuesday~ Clean kitchen window

Wednesday ~ Pull out my spring/summer clothing and organize it in my closet

Thursday~ Clean out mail drawer

Friday~ Clip coupons and organize coupon binder

Not all of these jobs might be finished by the end of the week, but having a plan (to-do list) helps to keep focused.

I also schedule my days out so that each one has its own goal(s). I shared some of this in my Home Management Binder post back some time ago. I have since changed things around some and I am in the process of updating my Binder. I hope to have a new post up soon with pictures of my “new and improved” binder. In the mean time you might enjoy seeing Lindsey's binder over at Passionate Homemaking.

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