Monday, May 18, 2009

Menu For May 18-24

Well the morning sickness is here in full force now and so my enjoyment in cooking meals is on hold for a bit. :-) But I do love to eat these days so I will continue on with my meal planning and fixing. You will see a few repeats from last week since we ate with my parents once and ate out a few other times.

Monday- Taco Salads w/ brown rice, fried corn, and cheese dip

Tuesday- Chow Mein casserole (I plan on posting this recipes soon) w/ broccoli and rolls

Wednesday- Red beans, rice, and polish sausage w/ green beans and potato salad

Thursday- Family Dinner Night at my grandma's

Friday- Spaghetti w/ salad and garlic bread

Saturday- Eat out

Sunday- Family Dinner w/ Eric's family

Lunch- Sandwiches, leftovers, soup, or frozen pizza

Breakfast- Eggs and toast, oatmeal, frozen waffles, or pancakes and bacon
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