Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Menu for May 11-17

I know this is a day late but yesterday I wasn't feeling so great by the time I sat down to blog so I decided to take a nap instead.
Monday- Grilled Burgers w/ french fries and baked beans
Tuesday- Chow Mein casserole w/ green beans, corn and rolls
Wednesday- Baked Potatoes Bar
Thursday- Red beans, rice and polish sausage w/ green beans and garlic bread
Friday- Eric will be helping to move his sister and brother-in-law so we will probably grab a pizza.
Saturday- Dinner out (I have a baby shower then a graduation for my sis-in-law)
Sunday- Family Dinner w/ Eric's parents
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Carrie said...

That chow main casserole sounds good! Can you share the recipe?