Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WFMW: Tae Bo

I have been trying really hard these past few weeks to get the last of this baby weight off and it seemed like all my attempts just weren't working. Exercising is a key part for me in losing weight and walking outside with a young baby just wasn't an option. We have had a few warm days here and there and I did walk those days. I also have a treadmill, but Baby O is crawling now and I just can't stand staring at a wall while I'm walking. So while my husband and I were out this weekend I picked up a Tae Bo DVD and I love it!!! It is a fun, fast paced work-out that tones a lot of your body. I know it is working because I have woken up these past few morning as sore as I have ever been. :-) So if your looking for a wonderful work-out this is what Works For Me.

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