Friday, April 17, 2009

Restoring Order: Half Way Through and the Finished Product

As I promised in my post earlier this week, here are the "in progress" pictures of Olivia's room.

Between all the hand-me-downs and presents from grandmothers she has a rather large wardrobe. I still have a tote full of clothes for a garage sale or goodwill.

I worked on this for about 2 hours this week. It wouldn't have taken that long if Olivia hadn't been pull the clothes out of the drawers as fast as I was putting them in. :-)

And here is the job all finished. I even have some of her things that are still to big in the tote above. I loved putting one thing in my house in order this week.
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Rebecca said...

Well Done! Our houses looked very similar this week! :) I LOVED the finished project. Thanks for joining in!

Anna said...

Great job! That was a big project.

Our Lives said...

While I was away this weekend, I couldn't help but keep thinking about a more "hands-on" de-cluttering project for next week. Fortunately I do not have kids clothes to worry about, but books!I only have two little drawers and a plastic container for all Peter's clothing and blankets, the "less is more" concept is working out really well here. I like your plastic drawers in your closet. They are life-savers! We have the bigger sizes in our pa & ma's closet. I hope to get a wooden dresser into the closet one day, but for now, the plastic drawers are doing a great job. :) What's your next week's de-cluttering project?