Monday, April 20, 2009

Menu for April 20-26

It may seem like I am repeating meals but we have been eating with family or leftovers so often that I just haven't cooked a lot lately.

Monday- Spaghetti w/ salad and garlic bread

Tuesday- Dinner out w/ friends

Wednesday- BBQ Chicken sandwiches w/ french fries

Thursday- Oven Fried Chicken w/ mac and cheese, green beans and purple hull peas

Friday- Chicken Fried Rice w/ peas and carrots

Saturday- Turkey Roast w/ mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn

Sunday- Church Cookout

Lunch- leftovers, frozen pizza, sandwiches and chips, or salad

Tuesday-Fried eggs and biscuits
Wednesday- Pancakes
Thursday- Toast and fruit
Friday- Cereal
Saturday- French toast and scrambled eggs
Sunday- Grab and go :-)

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