Thursday, January 15, 2009

Training 101.

Olivia enjoys sleeping sideways in her bed :-)
Pooh Bear her new found love!!

My baby in a walker at 3 months!!! :-O

Attempting to roll over...since this pictures she is now rolling all over the place :-)

Isn't she the smartest thing holding her own bottle...and I breastfeed the majority of the time.


About two weeks ago Eric and I decided that it was time for Olivia to graduate from our bed to her own. She was been a fairly good sleeper since we brought her home having slept through the night a number of times. But all good things must come to an end and they did several weeks ago when she decided that sleep was not her thing anymore. She really was not that bad, just getting here to sleep was the hard part. Well having read the book Baby Wise we realized it was time to let her cry herself to sleep. We were the ones being selfish by not allowing her to get the sleep she really needed.After only a few night of crying for maybe 30 minutes to an hour she has finally decided that she likes her bed. In fact, we have created another monster, her desire to be in her bed every night. If we stay out after 8 she becomes very fussy. At least that is a good habit though.

I have also started her on cereal at night now. Getting her belly good and full seems to help her sleep longer at night. At first she wasn't so sure about the food but after I added a little applesauce to it, she has taken to it quite well. With her not being 4 months yet I was a little leery of starting food, but she seemed to be hunger a lot and is quite active for a baby her age. We go to the doctor next week for her 4 month check-up and I have a feeling we will get a good report.

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Jessica said...

Your daughter's adorable! My son will be 2-months old on Tuesday and it's amazing how much he's changed since birth.

I can't wait until he gets to rolling around on the floor like yours.

So cute!