Monday, May 23, 2011

Vacation, Popsicles, and Summer Time

I just wanted to stop in a do a little picture updating. We took a vacation with my extended family the first weekend in May and the we all had a blast. The kids loved Silver Dollar City and Eric and I enjoyed riding a few rides too. It was fun and we always enjoy getting to spend time with family!!

Noah wasn't so sure about the jailhouse :-)

We've also enjoyed lots of warm weather recently so we decided it was time to pull out the kiddy pool for the summer!!

Popsicles are a new favorite at our house.

I love this picture!

Olivia found the "hidden" markers recently. You should have seen her arms and legs.

She is styling in her new shades and 80's hair-do :-)

Summer time here we come!!

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Sarah and Drew said...

Popsicle and poofy hair pics are my favs! Reading blogs for a change of pace from all the storm warnings!