Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Menu Plan: Jan 9-15

Snow is falling outside my window as I type this. This is our first snow fall of the year and we have several inches fall overnight. I'm enjoying this quiet day at home and snuggling with my babies. Hopefully Eric will join us later this afternoon!!


Sunday- Church

Monday- Eggs and cereal

Tuesday- Pancakes and bacon

Wednesday- Cereal and yogurt

Thursday- Cinnamon toast and ham

Friday- Fried eggs and toast

Saturday- Biscuits and gravy


Sunday- Family Dinner w/ Eric’s parents

(Tacos w/ 7 layer dip and chips)

Monday- Saturday- Sandwiches, Baked Potatoes, Wraps, Leftovers, or Mac and cheese w/ fruit and chips


Sunday –Scrambled eggs and toast

Monday – Some kind of soup…I had planned Fajitas but it snowed last night and made me want soup instead.

Tuesday- Eat with my parents (Roast w/ sides)

Wednesday – Creamy chicken noodle w/ broccoli

Thursday – Sloppy Joes w/ French fries

Friday – Spaghetti w/ garlic bread

Saturday – Out of town for niece’s birthday


Cookies, popcorn, fruit or yogurt

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