Monday, January 24, 2011

Continuing On: A Heart of Gratefulness

8. Time spent discussing His Word with Eric

9. Overcooked muffins that still taste yummy

10. Dinner with friends

11. A day spent with my little man

12. Insurance that pays for check-ups and shots

13. Early bedtimes for babies and parents :-)

14. A little girls excitement over night at her grandparents

15. Errands to run for my little family

16. Storytime fun at our local library

17. Snow falling slow as we drive to my parent’s home

18. A quiet night at home with my husband and littles

19. Homemade rolls rising in the oven

20. Lunch with my grandmother

21. Laughter of little girls over a game of Candyland

22. Singing along to love songs while holding the hand of my love

23. The warmth of a sleeping child cuddled up to by my side

24. Peace found in the reading of His Word

25. Warm coffee in hand on a cold morning

26. A fun birthday dinner out with the in-law’s

27. A day cuddled up with a blanket and book

28. A slightly warmer day and a long walk in its sunshine

29. Sunday dinner with family and friends

30. Babies splashing in the bathtub

31. A two-year-old quoting scripture

32. Fun had with Playdoh

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