Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parks, Sick Kiddos, and Rainy Days

We have just been living life around here lately and I thought I would drop in and let you share in the fun!! But before I bore you with my ramblings I thought I would share our big news. WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE!!! We are very excited and things are progressing right along. We close and take posession on November 10 which is just 2 short weeks away. And no I haven't even started packing yet. :-) Guess I should get to that, but I thought I would share the news with you all first. I have plans to post pictures when we move in next month.

We have been attending Storytime at our local library and Olivia is enjoying it a lot. They read a few books, sing and dance, and do a craft. She thinks it's the next best thing to Chucky Cheese and I think it's way more educational and cheaper. :-) They have it twice and week so if we miss one day we have another one to choose from.

There is also a park behind the library and we have been taking a picnic lunch and just enjoying the beautiful fall weather. We even went twice last week. Once with some friends and then with my mom and sisters on friday.

After a very fun and eventful week the kids hit a bit of a low over the weekend. Noah is teething and came down with a double ear infection. The poor little guy was up and down through the night friday and saturday. Olivia also had a few cold symptoms and after a doctor visit we found out she had a sinus infection. They are both on antibiotics and are much better now.

The first part of this week was wet and rainy so we spent the days indoors. New books, Veggie Tales, Praise Baby and chicken noodle soup were a few favorite things that we have enjoyed while being cooped up inside.

The sun was shining bright today and while the kids stayed at there great-grandma's, I went to get my hair cut and do some grocery shopping.

Noah is awake from his nap now so I must run.
Happy Wednesday!!

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Amy said...

The longer Olivia's hair gets, the more it looks just like Lula Mae's! Olivia and Noah are getting sooo big! Poor babies, I hate they they were both sick. Not fun for anyone involved I'm sure. Hopefully the rest of the season they are well!

Are your two in the same room at night? I am trying to decide when to put my two together... but I am quite nervous about that whole process!