Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Noah is 2 Months!!

Can you believe that this little guy is 2 months old as of yesterday?!?! You would not believe how big he is getting. He is even sleeping 7 to 8 hours straight at night!! We went to the doctor yesterday for his check-up and he was almost off the charts in his growth pattern :-)

Weight: 14lbs

Height: 23in.

Head: 15in.

He is really beginning to come into the world now. He will laugh and coo at you if you talk to him, and he has the cutest little dimple when he smiles!! It just melts this mommy's heart :-)

Olivia is so good with him and loves him to pieces!! 

I love my little blessings from God!!


Amy said...

Oh my goodness they are BOTH adorable! Once you get them sleeping in the same room please tell me how it goes! I am already nervous about my 2 little ones having to share a room and our son isn't even here yet! I just can't imagine them not waking each other up all night long. I hope Noah gets that red hair :-) too cute!!!

Kathryn said...

Aww what cute pictures!!

Leah said...

What a cutie!!! And a great sleeper to boot... God truly has blessed you!