Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Plan for February 8-14

My day is going by really fast so it took me a little while to get my menu up, but here it is finally. You will notice that I'm including lots of potatoes in our menu this week. I bought a 10lb bag for $0.20 a pound last week and we need to use them before they go bad. Our menu this week is based off of the 200 Challenge that I joined at Clay in His Hands. I have commited to only spend $200 a month on groceries for the year. Go check out my post on the challenge here. I would love to see more of you join in the challenge!! You can leave a comment or link-up a post at Sarah's blog (Clay in His Hands)


Monday- Blueberry or Raison bran muffins w/ fruit

Tuesday- Fried eggs w/ hashbrowns and toast

Wednesday- Cinnamon toast w/ bacon

Thursday- Cereal or oatmeal w/ fruit

Friday- Pancakes w/ bacon

Saturday- Cinnamon rolls

Sunday- Cereal or toast


Grilled cheese, peanut butter or turkey sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, baked potatoes, leftovers, or frozen pizza

Sunday- Family Dinner w/ Eric’s parents


Monday – Spaghetti w/ green beans and homemade bread

Tuesday – Pinto beans w/ broccoli, oven potatoes, and cornbread

Wednesday –Chicken sandwiches w/ baked potatoes

Thursday – Birthday dinner for my sister~ Chili w/ sides and cake and ice cream

Friday – BBQ Chicken w/ French fries and baked beans

Saturday – Breakfast (eggs, biscuits, gravy, hashbrowns and bacon)

Sunday –Leftovers

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Kathryn said...

What an amazing thing if you can do it! My husband and I have been budgeting $200. for a year now and it is just us. But we are finding that we cannot stick with it. We never seem to have enough!. Now that we have a baby coming I know we really won't be able to do it. How do you stick with it? So you use coupons, or something? It seems impossible!