Friday, February 5, 2010

Making Your Home a Haven: Chores

I did pretty well in my planning this week. I worked on it Sunday evening and Monday morning. It was a little more detailed this week since it was the beginning of the month. I really enjoy having my Home Management Binder to keep me organized.

Monica's topic for this week is chores and that is something that I'm adjust in my binder right now. Before Noah arrived I had my Daily Chores (bathrooms, mopping, etc) spread out through the week. Now I'm hoping to plan a cleaning day were I get everything accomplish in one day. I think Friday will work the best that way everything will be clean for the weekend and I can relax. I'm also planning to start using the Flylady's zone cleaning idea to help keep my house a little more organized. I'm still working all this out so I will be back next week with a more detailed post. Have a great weekend everyone!!


thehomespunheart said...

Hi Lauren!

Your plan for this week sounds great. Like you, I used to have my chores divided throughout the week but after my little guy was born that did not work any more. I hope the once a week cleaning day and zone chores are a blessing in your home!

ann said...

Hi Lauren!

Good job on having a plan for cleaning. My only really consistent thing is running the dishwasher everyday and at least 2 loads of laundry completely done. Everything else is kind of "when it is screaming at me to do it" basis.

I am taking sewing lessons at Hancock. I just asked about it and they gave me a ladies card. She does it on her own, she just uses Hancock's room. I took three classes and we've sewed a pair of pants. That way you learn how to read a pattern, do a seam, elastic. She says if I can do that, then I will have a good start. The classes were $20/ea. and an hour and a half. I plan to take some more in a month or so.

Good luck!!

Kathryn said...

"You have a great blog!! I love the name you have picked out for your little boy. We have a girl and a boy (Olivia and Noah) and they are 16 months and 7 weeks."

Thanks so much for commenting! :)
Aww the names you picked out are sweet as well! I have a good friend named Olivia, and I have also heard of it being spelled, Alivia, which is pretty too! You must have your hands full with two little ones!

I love your idea of the Home Management Binder, I am trying to do one similar to Flylady's. One thing I added that you didn't mention was recipes, and a meal planner! :)