Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan for January 18-24

I'm a little late getting my menu up this week but I have been picking up my very cluttered home all morning. We had a very busy weekend and even though I prepared for church Saturday night things were still very hectic here yesterday. We started revival services at our church yesterday and my MIL and I hosted the guest speaker ( and family) as well as our pastor ( and family) for lunch yesterday. Thankfully we used her home and not my messy house. We will be having revival services tonight through Wednesday also so the meals we be rather simple this week. 


Monday- Birthday breakfast at Eric’s office.

Tuesday- Cereal w/ fruit salad and sausage cheese muffins

Wednesday- Scrambled eggs w/ biscuits

Thursday- Pancakes w/ bacon

Friday- Cereal w/ fruit salad

Saturday- French toast w/ bacon

Sunday- Cinnamon toast w/ fruit


Grilled cheese, peanut butter or tuna salad sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, leftovers, or frozen pizza

Sunday- Family Dinner


Monday – Homemade mac and cheese w/ salad and peas

Tuesday – Chicken Fried Rice w/ broccoli

Wednesday – Turkey roast w/ mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls

Thursday – Chicken fajitas w/ chips and salsa

Friday – Birthday supper for my MIL. I’m taking chili and a vegetable tray

Saturday – Dinner w/ my parents- Hamburgers w/ fries and baked beans

Sunday – Leftovers

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Michelle said...

looks like a great plan! I can't even eat boxed mac and cheese anymore..I've gotten so spoiled by home chemicals!