Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan for January 11-17

We are still eating from the pantry with the exception of a few items I will be picking up later today. I only spent $35 last week so we are still way under our $100 budget.


Monday- Waffles w/ fruit
Tuesday- Fried eggs w/ toast
Wednesday- Cereal w/ sausage cheese muffins
Thursday- Pancakes w/ fruit
Friday- Oatmeal or cereal w/ sausage cheese muffins
Saturday- Biscuits and gravy w/ scrambled eggs
Sunday- Cinnamon toast w/ fruit


Chicken, Deli turkey, peanut butter or tuna salad sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, or frozen pizza
Sunday- Family Dinner


Monday – Salisbury steaks w/ mashed potatoes, green beans, and homemade biscuits
Tuesday – Black-eyed peas w/ broccoli, Mac and cheese and corn bread
Wednesday – Leftovers
Thursday – Grilled chicken w/ green beans and baked potatoes
Friday Christmas Day- Red beans and rice w/ polish sausage and salad
Saturday – Grilled chicken salad w/ baked potatoes
Sunday – Leftovers

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Lindsay said...

Ufda. I'm feeling a little bad for my family....I rarely make breakfast! We have either cheerios or oatmeal for breakfast. every. morning. I should start getting up early and doing that - I know it would be good for all involved!