Friday, January 29, 2010

Making Your Home a Haven: Time to Plan and Catching Up

I have not been able to participate in this Making Your Home a Haven at The Homespun Heart until now. So this post will cover the last few weeks Monica has covered as well as today's topic. I love being a part of this series because it always turn my heart back to my home and family.

1.  The first part of this series was Start with God. My goal in this was to

~Start off my day in the Word

~Develop a prayer system that works for me (praying scripture for my children and husband as well as the rest of my extended family and others)

~Read through the Bible this year

All of these are part of my routine now and I try very hard to keep them as the top priority in my life. Some days the baby has needs and my Quiet Time is moved to the afternoon but I still try to not let a day go by without time in God's Word.

2.  The second part was establishing a Morning Routine. With a newborn and a one year old our normal routine has "flown out the window" lately. I knew this was going to be the case before Noah arrived so I gave myself some grace in that area for the month of January. Now that Noah is 6 weeks old and is sleeping better at night I have decided to get back into somewhat of a routine. (with the exceptions of any sleepless nights) Here is the morning routine I hope to begin this coming week.


~Wake up/Quiet time


~Shower/Dress for the day

~Prepare/ Eat breakfast

~Family Bible reading (Eric leaves for work after this)

~Clean up kitchen/sweep kitchen floor

~Start a load of laundry

~Dress kids for the day

~Supper prep

3.  And our item for this week is to make Time to Plan.

~My goal in this area is to sit down each Sunday evening and plan my week. I have a Home Management Binder and will take that time to fill in my weekly to-do list, plan my menu, update our budget, and check my project list to see what could be accomplished that week.

~I will also be working on a toddler/preschooling curriculum for Olivia. I hope to begin this with her by the first of March and will spend a little time each day preparing for the next day.

I hope each of you are having a wonderful time Making Your Home a Haven!!


Shannon@Idylwild said...

Lauren - I have a ne little one, too, 4 months old. Remember to cut yourself lots of slack:) New babies have their own schedule. It sounds like you have a great plan for getting back on track!

Leah said...

Have you decided what preschool curriculum you are going to do? I started with Hubbards Cupboard's curriculum outline with my 2 year old and we've had so much fun! It's doable even with the new baby!