Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas at Poppy and Mawmaw's
(Eric's parents)
We spent the night of the 23rd with them and open presents on Christmas Eve morning!! Olivia and Eli playing in the sleeping bags
And here are the grand kids starting with..



Olivia (please excuse the messy nose)


and our newest edition Noah Silas (who was a little jaundice in this picture)

Poppy reading the Christmas story

Mawmaw opening her Wii Fit

Olivia new hat and bow

Anna trying our her new pillow after all the presents were open.

Olivia is still trying to adjust to not being the "baby" anymore.

The older kids all go Nintendo DS's from Mawmaw and Poppi. The boys were playing each other here. Eli is 3 and quite proficient on his already :-)

Daddy trying to put Olivia's four-wheeler together...

It turned out to be a bigger project than we thought it would be :-)

Christmas at Grand-dad and Nanny's
(my parents)

Noah was in the hospital this night so Eric stayed with him while Olivia and I went to open gifts.

Nanny got a new toaster!!!

Grand-dad and the boys

my oldest brother Luke

Olivia barely had the baby out of the box before she decided that it needed a bottle :-)

Elmo is a favorite around here so that book was a big hit!!
Be back soon with pictures of our Christmas here at home...

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