Sunday, August 30, 2009

Menu Plan for August 31- September 6

I have carried over a few meals from last week.

Monday- Dinner out (My sister-in-law is having her baby on Monday and we plan to go and visit them at the hospital that evening)
Tuesday- Homemade Pizza w/ fresh fruit
Wednesday- Fried Rice w/ green beans
Thursday- Oven Fried Chicken w/ okra, mashed potatoes, and pinto beans
Friday- Chili w/ Frito's, veggies and dip
Saturday- Waffles w/ ham and fruit
Sunday- Lunch- We are having a banquet to honor our "Trailblazers" (those 55 or older) at our church. The youth put this together for them every year. We will be serving turkey breast, dressing, several side veggies, rolls and pies.
Supper- Sandwiches
Tuna salad or turkey sandwiches, grilled cheese and soup, or leftovers w/ chips and veggies
Cereal or oatmeal, toast, scrambled eggs and biscuits, muffins (blueberry) or pancakes
I plan on posting my menu for the month later this week.
For more menu planning ideas go to

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Christina Anderson said...

loving the idea of a monthly list---can't wait to see how this turns pressure though! :)

also, don't know if you've ever seen this sight but I think it's fun and very helpful as well as far as your master organization

I have enjoyed the link you sent to me....trying to print off some things to work on while I'm in Bald Knob next week. By the way, mom will be at work some so if you are interested in getting together during the day one day and letting the kids play outside or go to the park or something....let me know and we'll see if we can make that happen!