Monday, July 6, 2009

Menu for July 6-12


Monday- Scrabbled eggs and sausage balls w/ fruit
Tuesday- Cereal w/ fruit
Wednesday- Pancakes w/ fruit
Thursday- Toast w/ fruit
Friday-Biscuits and gravy
Saturday- French toast w/ fruit


Sandwiches, soup, wraps, or leftovers


Monday- Beef Ravioli w/ green beans and garlic toast
Tuesday- Taco Salads w/ fried corn and cheesy rotel dip
Wednesday-Loaded Baked Potatoes w/ tossed salad
Thursday- Red beans and rice w/ polish sausage, green beans and corn on the cob
Friday- Birthday Party for my nephews
Saturday- Out to eat
Sunday- Family Dinner or Waffles w/ bacon

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mvlegacy said...

What wraps do you make? I really enjoy wraps and I'm looking for some good recipes to make for us. :-)

Lauren said...

I put just about anything in tortilla wraps: Turkey and cheese with lettuce and tomatoe, chicken or tuna salad, grilled chicken with lettuce and tomatoe, and my favorite cheddar and mozzerela cheese with pepperoni (I melt this in the microwave for 30 seconds)