Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu For July 27- August 2

Monday: Cereal and toast
Tuesday- Scrabbled eggs and biscuits w/ fruit
Wednesday- French toast w/ fruit
Thursday- Pancakes w/ bacon and fruit
Friday- Oatmeal or cereal w/ fruit
Saturday- Waffles or cinnamon rolls w/ fruit
Sunday- Cinnamon toast w/ fruit
Monday- Turkey Sandwiches w/ chips, veges, and ranch dip
Tuesday- Me- Wrap w/ salad. Eric- Bologna Sandwich w/ chips. Olivia- Bologna and cheese on crackers w/ fruit
Wednesday- Chicken noodle soup w/ grilled cheese or chicken salad sandwiches
Thursday- Eric out of town/ I will eat at mom's
Friday- Mac and Cheese w/ leftovers, veges, or applesauce
Saturday- Eat out (combined lunch and supper)
Sunday- Family Dinner or frozen pizza
Monday- Simple Beef Stroganoff w/ salad and rolls
Tuesday- Crock Pot Chicken w/ roasted potatoes and green beans
Wednesday- Beef Ravioli w/ green beans and garlic toast
Thursday- Dinner with my family. We are having Chili w/ hot dogs, coleslaw and tater tots. I'm bring a dessert.
Friday- Burgers on the grill w/ chips and dip and peanut butter pie (we are having some friends from church over for a cookout)
Saturday- Eat out (combined lunch and supper)
Sunday- We are having Taco Buffet at a church members house.

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Becca said...

We love chili dogs here :)