Friday, July 24, 2009

Frugal Friday: Pantry Challenge

My Frugal Friday challenge for myself this week is to have a pantry challenge once again. I did a take of all I had in my fridge and pantry this morning and I think I can make several meals with what I have on hand. I plan to make a quick trip to the grocery store for just a few items like fruit and a really great sale on ground round, but other than that we will eat what we got. :-) I will post my menu on Monday and tell you exactly what I spent at the store. I'm hoping to keep it under $20.

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Mom2fur said...

Good luck! I bet you'll do it. If you want to look for recipes, try You can type in ingredients and it will give you recipes you can make without having to get anything else.
I have found that, the more I build up my pantry/freezer/fridge 'stockpile,' the shorter my grocery list gets. But I've never aimed to spend as little as $20. Good for you!