Thursday, April 23, 2009

Restoring Order: Mid-Week Progress

I have made a little progress since I posted on Monday. Here are a few pics from what I have done this week. I hope to have this project finished and the last pics posted by Saturday.

The bottom cabinet cleaned out and ready to be reorganized.


My bottom cabinet completed!!

My drawers rearranged. There wasn't a lot of loose stuff so instead of buying a drawer organizer I just put the random screws and such in Ziploc bags. I might change this later....

The open cabinet above my dryer is cleaned out and dusted. The box is my un-clipped coupons and local sale adds. I'm actually working on a coupon binder today so hopefully this box will be empty later tonight.
For more ideas on Restoring Order visit The Homespun Heart this week.


Anna said...

Your cabinets look nice. I like the empty space. All of my cabinets are crammed full of stuff.
Keep up the good work!

thehomespunheart said...

Great job! Enjoy your weekend! :)

Rebecca said...

I too like the empty space. Good job. I did our laundry room the other week - and boy, it was amazing how much stuff I could get in that tiny room! I hope you have a great weekend!