Monday, March 9, 2009

Menu for March 9-15

Well all I can say is that I love my husband very much and he deserves something special after taking care of me this past week/weekend. The surgery went well and I only spent one day on the couch. By Friday I was up and about and only in need of Tylenol. Eric and baby O made it fine and other than not being able to eat without some pain, I am back to normal. We did eat out several times still and I plan on making up for that with a couple weeks of just cooking and eating at home. So here is this weeks menu.

Monday: Breakfast- We got up late so nothing for Eric and I didn't feel like eating.
Lunch- Chicken Noodle Soup w/ crackers and fruit
Supper- We are eating Cornish Hens at his parents tonight.
Tuesday: Breakfast- Eggs and toast
Lunch- Eric will be out of town and I will eat lunch at my moms
Supper- We will be eating Hamburgers with my parents (I am baking a cake to take)
Wednesday: Breakfast- Oatmeal w/brown sugar and cinnamon
Lunch- Sandwiches w/chips and fruit
Supper- Crock Pot Chicken w/ green beans, oven roasted potatoes, and rolls
Thursday- Breakfast- Cereal w/ fruit
Lunch- Leftovers or Chicken salad
Supper- Homemade pizza w/ salad
Friday: Breakfast- Muffins or cereal w/ fruit
Lunch- Leftovers and/or salad
Supper- Chicken Spaghetti w/ green beans and corn
Saturday: Breakfast- Pancakes
Lunch- Sandwich or whatever you can find in the fridge :-)
Supper- Sub Sandwiches w/ homemade oven fries
Sunday: Breakfast- Whatever you can get for yourself (We don't usually eat breakfast on Sunday mornings)
Lunch- Eat with Eric's family
Supper- Potluck at church
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