Monday, March 23, 2009

Making Your Home a Haven: Morning Routine

My Morning Routine:
1. Bible Study
2. Exercise 15 to 20 minutes (This is just my floor or DVD exercise time. I walk in the afternoons)
3. Shower and dress for the day
4. Cook breakfast, eat, and clean-up
5. Spend time with Eric
Mid-Morning Routine:
(after Eric has left for work)
1. Start a load of laundry
2. Feed, bathe, and dress Olivia
3. Supper prep
4. Sweep kitchen floor
5. Do daily chore*
6. Free time till lunch ( Read, visit my mom or mother-in-law, baking, play with Olivia, etc.)
Afternoon Routine:
1. Blog, e-mail, etc.
2. Do weekly project**
3. Start work on supper
* Daily Chores:
Monday- Grocery Shopping
Tuesday- Clean Bathrooms
Wednesday- Clean windows and dust
Thursdays- Vacuum and mop
Friday- Change sheets
** Weekly Project:
This varies with what I have going on that particular week. This week I am organizing closets and changing out the seasonal clothing.