Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Substitute

I am blogging a little early today and that is because I have been up since 5 o'clock this morning :-( It is amazing what you can accomplish when you rise early. My dishes are washed, bathroom clean, and Olivia is feed and dressed so here I am. Although I'm not sure this will be an everyday event.

These pictures are form our dinner last night. Please excuse the armature photographer :-)

Parmesan Chicken
My kitchen tip for today is if you don't have the right ingredient, SUBSTITUTE!
The recipe I follow calls for Italian bread crumbs. I didn't have these in my pantry so I substituted crushed Ritz crackers and a little Italian seasoning. It was delicious!!
We ate this green salad with Olive Garden's Italian Dressing.

And for dessert a bowl of cantaloupe.
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Melinda said...

That parmesan chicken looks really good, Lauren! I love parmesan chicken but it takes a bit of work to prepare.

Lauren said...

It does take a long time to prepare. I was in the kitchen from 3:30 till a little after 5 preparing this meal. I love to cook though and this is Eric's favorite meal.

Mom2fur said...

Oooh, we love Parmesan chicken! Yes, it takes a long time but is so worth it. And I like to use subs, too. It saves a trip to the grocery store as well as money, LOL! I think if we keep a well-stocked pantry, there is almost always something you can use 'instead.' Using Ritz must have given the chicken an amazing flavor, with all that butteryness. Mmmm!

Jennifer said...

We had the yummiest cantaloupe this weekend. I almost didn't buy it, because it isn't the right season and I didn't think it would be good, but on a whim I went for it. It was delicious and reminded me of summer. A worthwhile splurge. Your chicken looks great too.