Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Blogging for the Year 2009.

These are a few before and after pics of my cleaning today.

Sorry about the order of the pictures. I am still learning how to use this blog :-)
I am so excited to be home and back to blogging again!! We have been here and there for the last 2 weeks and I am so relieved to be at home and back to somewhat of a routine. Having been inspired by Crystal's post, I am ready to start the New Year off with a list of goals and things to get done.

Personal Goals for 2009:

1.Read through the Bible this year.
2.Begin working on Bible and baptist Catechism memorization again. (This was something I did with my family faithfully before Eric and I were married.)
3. Exercise regularly and lose weight back down to pre-pregnancy weight.
4. Read at least 2 books a month. ( I plan to post a book list later)
5.Plant a garden this spring and can in the fall.

6. Pull out the sewing machine I have and learn to sew.
7. Begin work on a scrapbook for Olivia.

8. Have a garage sale this spring.
9. Have a Home Organization Week soon. ( I want to clean out every closet, cabinet, and drawer in this house and organize them)

10. Learn how to budget and coupon better.
And so it began today with Eric back to work and my house in desperate need of a good cleaning and organizations.

I am planning to post some more goals we hope to set for our family this year as soon as I can.

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Christine said...

You have some great goals, for the year. Blessings!