Monday, November 17, 2008

Cooking and Cleaning!!

Today was cleaning day here in the Delk household. I love the smell of a clean house. I have been trying different methods and cleaning schedules the past few weeks and I think I found the one I like. I started in the master bedroom and cleaned the entire room before I went on to the next room. I carried all my cleaning supplies with me and had each one handy when needed. I think I will buy a caddy to carry them in to make it even more convenient. Things got done rather quickly and the house got a good deep cleaning. The only thing I modified was that I did not mop the hard floors till the end.

Baby O is down for her nap and I need to start on some supper prep soon. Eric and I are going to go look at a house for sale when he gets off from work and I want to have the meal all together so I can serve it has soon as we get home. Tonight we are having Spaghetti w/ salad and bread. I had to change the menu because we had a chili supper at church last night.

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