Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One, Two, Three


1. The weather is beautiful here in the South this week. I'm talking 70 degree temps for the high! We haven't seen temperatures that low since May. I LOVE fall and this weather had made my week seem so pleasant. I even stopped in Lowe's yesterday and picked up a potted mum for my front porch. Now if I could just talk Eric into buying a fire pit for the backyard we would be all set up for the season. This weather makes me crave a good smore :-)

2. I am addicted to Pinterest. I have a whole list of DIY and craft/decor project I want to do around the house because of that evil little website :-) Don't you just love how handy it is to save your favorite ideas and recipes all in one place. I must get off of here soon and start working on my yarn wreath again.

3. This month is turning into a busy one! We have three birthdays, our anniversary, and a ton of appointments (eye doctor, dentist, etc). Olivia will be 3 on the 21st and we are planning a princess party this year. She has been telling everyone that she is having a princess party for the past 6 months so I hope it doesn't disappoint. We try to keep things simple with just family and a few friends. Even that is not simple since we have so much family. I think October should have a vacation planned in it for recovery :-)

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Sarah and Drew said...

Another friend loves pinterest too. I've yet to commit, and it seems like maybe that's a good thing!